John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation

The Foundation manages public benefit initiatives run by the members of the Latsis family who are also members of its Supervisory Board: Henrietta Latsis, Spiro Latsis, Marianna Latsis and Margarita Latsis.

The Foundation undertakes and supports initiatives mainly in Greece but also abroad, on two major pillars: education, research and culture, on the one hand, and social welfare and solidarity, on the other. The Neraida Floating Museum was established by law in 2012 and is exclusively funded by the Latsis Foundation, as its third, diversified pillar.

Since its establishment, the Foundation has realized numerous grants to third parties, has responded with extraordinary funding programmes to urgent and imperative situations, while, in parallel, it has launched specially designed funding frameworks in order to provide support to research, science, teaching and culture. For the selection of funding opportunities with the greatest multiplier benefit, the John S. Latsis Public Benefit Foundation invests significant time and thought, in order to respond in the optimum possible way to the urgent as well as long-term society needs.

For a better glance at the Foundation’s activities, please visit its website.

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