Useful Information

  • The entrance to the floating museum is free. Prior to entry, visitors will be asked to register their names.
  • Visitors must wear flat shoes. To enter the museum they will be given single-use shoe covers.
  • Average visit duration is approx. 40΄.
  • Eating, smoking, taking photographs, video shooting and mobile phone use is prohibited in all museum areas.
  • Touching the exhibition items is not allowed. Visitors are kindly requested not to touch or lean on glass showcases.
  • Backpacks and shopping bags are not allowed in the floating museum.
  • Visitors are kindly requested to follow the instructions of the crew and the staff during their visit in the floating museum and to be careful as they enter and exit the vessel.
  • People with physical disabilities may access the exhibition corridors, the video hall and the main museum room.
  • The deck and bridge are not accessible.
  • Visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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