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18 May 2020 - International Museum Day 2020

In order to increase public awareness on the role of museums in the development of modern society, the International Council of Museums (ICOM) has established, since 1977, the 18th of May as the International Museum Day. Every year, the ICOM Hellenic National Committee is coordinating the celebration which includes events, conferences, activities and themed tours implemented by Greek museums. The objective of International Museum Day is to raise awareness on the fact that, “museums are an important means of cultural exchange, enrichment of cultures and development of mutual understanding, cooperation and peace among peoples”. This year’s theme is “Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion”. This specific theme aims to showcase the social value and important role of the museums, which – as agents of social change and development – constitute a connection point of multiple communities, therefore contributing to social inclusion and promoting diversity.


The majority of the museums around the globe, considering the current special circumstances, have adapted their activities and keep operating online, through the implementation of digital applications and activities. In this context, this year’s international Museum Day will be celebrated digitally, and to this end the ICOM Hellenic National Committee will create an interactive map containing all the special events or activities that are or will be implemented by the museums in our country.


The Neraida Floating Museum is celebrating the International Museum Day 2020 by designing and offering two new online digital activities. The first is a virtual tour of the museum, which, through narration and photographs, gives the “virtual” visitor the opportunity to learn the main stories of the museum, the history of the ship itself and the business history of the owner, John Latsis. This digital walk in the museum stops in specific exhibits, during which more extensive reference is made to well-known and lesser-known highlights related to its history. Click here to board the Neraida and begin the virtual tour.


The second digital activity is addressed to primary school children aiming to creatively engage and familiarise them with the history of the “Neraida”. It is entitled "The ship in quarantine!" and refers to the periods of "rest" of the “Neraida”, attempting to connect the life and course of a ship with our life during the current period. Through questions, the child is called to consider and compose the image of the ship, when it opens its doors again, in a painting and/or a few sentences. To get started, download the 2 pdf files: "The ship in quarantine!" and "Instructions to parents & teachers" which are available below. FInally, don't forget to download the International Museum Day 2020 poster designed by ICOM which is avalable for colouring. 


You may find the agenda that consists of all the digital activities implemented within the framework of the International Museum Day here.